Smog-Reducing Roofing Named a Best Invention of 2018 by TIME Magazine

Smog is a silent killer across the globe. The pollutant, which comes largely from automotive emissions and industrial facilities, leads to thousands of premature deaths worldwide from illnesses like respiratory disease. Minnesota-based manufacturer 3M has created a material for roofing shingles that, when exposed to the sun’s UV rays, breaks down smog particles so they can be washed away by rainfall, thereby reducing pollution. One 3M customer, Malarkey Roofing (a top U.S. manufacturer of roofing shingles), said earlier this year it would incorporate the particles in all of its shingles. 3M says Malarkey’s products have already reduced an amount of smog equivalent to 100,000 trees. “We hope next year it’s 200,000 and the year after that 400,000,” says Josh Orman, strategy and marketing manager at 3M. — Justin Worland

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